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The hectic Fall trade show season is over for the RESCUE! team, so now we're back to blogging. Our Customer Service Department shared the following note with me from a customer who had tried our Yellowjacket Trap without any luck this summer. After some probing, our rep determined that the customer had a paper wasp problem -- not a yellowjacket problem -- and therefore needed our W*H*Y Trap for Wasps, Hornets & Yellowjackets instead. So we sent him one! Here's his response, in a letter to us:


Thank you for helping us determine the proper trap for our paper wasps here in Richland. We had originally purchased a trap that was only effective for yellowjackets, and we were very annoyed that we didn't catch a single insect in the first month.

After we received the W*H*Y Trap in July, we began to catch the paper wasps, and over the summer and fall we caught about two dozen wasps. We are impressed by your knowledge of insect behavior and how to attract them.

... Another important feature of your traps is that they are made in the U.S. Please don't ever consider getting them made by foreign labor.

Thanks again for standing behind your products, even when the consumer buys the wrong product; that is excellent service. We will certainly recommend your products.


Marc & Janet/Richland, WA

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Loving the Disposable Yellowjacket Trap

We heard from two customers last week who were so happy with the RESCUE! Disposable Yellowjacket Trap that they just had to share photos and video!

Mike in Capitola, California showed us how the yellowjackets were going crazy over the trap:

And Cheryl-Lynn here in Spokane Valley, Washington sent us photos illustrating how well the traps were working on a family camping trip to Downs Lake, where they found this yellowjacket nest in the ground:

Sterling 015 

Hanging up several of our traps helped reduce the population dramatically, as they got quite full -- literally teeming with yellowjackets:

Sterling 017  

Sterling 024 

Here's a closeup. Note the paper wasp (to the right of the yellow cone -- the one with longer wings) trying to get in!

DispYJTrap wasp closeup

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This is WHY he likes our traps

Happy customer Ron in Lyle, Washington e-mailed us recently to send us photos of our products at work: both the W*H*Y Trap for Wasps, Hornets & Yellowjackets and the RESCUE! Yellowjacket Trap.


Time to dump the bodies in this one -- there's no room for more to get in!


Side by side, both traps are working wondrously!


Thanks, Ron! Anyone else have photos to share? Send them here.

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W*H*Y we love our customers

This is WHY we do what we do.

Our office is buzzing today over a web comment we received. Brenda in Texas is using the new W*H*Y Trap for Wasps, Hornets & Yellowjackets already after purchasing a full case of the product -- just as she said she intended to do last year.

Here's her original comment from last year on the "Tell us WHY" page on our web site:

"We live in West Texas and are inundated with paper wasps. When I walk out the front door, I take a fly swatter with me so I can fight my way off of the porch. In the summer, they dive bomb us when we are in the pool. We go through cases and cases of Wasp spray each summer. Those darn things can get inside the home through the smallest crevice and yesterday we had 25 in our living room when we returned home. Needless to say, we are very anxious to purchase a case of WHY traps and have them out in early spring so we can catch the queens."

Brenda followed through on her intentions and is already having great results with the W*H*Y Trap. Here's what she sent us today:

"I ordered a case of WHY Traps and have put three of the traps up. The first trap is still catching paper wasps even though the water is gone. The second trap (see picture) has caught quite a few considering it's only February and that trap has been up for only 24 hours."

WHY customer photo TX 

We think those actually look like red wasps in the trap -- they're likely queens, because of the time of year and their size.

Thanks for the feedback, Brenda!

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How to make an injured Marketing Director's day

Just send us an e-mail like this:

Yjtr_against_blueWow! You all make great products. I bought your yellow jacket trap because my BBQ area is next to a magnolia tree, which has a lot of yellow jackets. I expect that your trap would catch a few yellow jackets. In about an hour, we must have had 10 in there. Within two weeks, I'm sure there's more than 100 in each of the two traps. I've never used an insect trap that works as well as your product. Because it worked so well, I also bought a fly trap. Wow, again. In three weeks, it was nearly solid with dead flys (sic). I'll never use a different brand besides Rescue. Great job on the design and the attractant. You guys (and girls) know your stuff.

Thanks, Mark from San Jose!

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Video of the Week: The danger of a single yellowjacket sting

My 3-year old nephew in Reno was stung three times by a yellowjacket earlier this week. Poor little guy! Though he cried from the pain of the stings, thankfully he did not have an allergic reaction.

Greg Romey didn't fare so well years ago when he was stung by a yellowjacket. The 6-foot-4 husband and father was outside in his Spokane Valley yard when a yellowjacket got him on the ankle. Within minutes, he was dizzy and his breathing became labored. His wife, Ann, got him in their van and raced to the Emergency Room, about 8 minutes away. By that time, Greg's heart had stopped. Thanks to the quick work of the doctors, they revived him in the hospital. Afterward, he met with a doctor who told him of the severity of his allergy to yellowjacket stings and warned him that if he was stung again, he would have only five minutes to get medical treatment instead of ten. Greg left the hospital armed with some Epinephrine pens, and also a recommendation from the allergy doctor to protect the perimeter of his home by using RESCUE! Yellowjacket Traps.

Our company president, Rod Schneidmiller, met Greg back in 2001, seemingly by chance, at a junior high basketball game. Upon discovering that Rod owned the company that made the traps, Greg said, "Those traps saved my life!".

Well, maybe we didn't save Greg's life that day, but we did save Greg's outdoor lifestyle and that of his family. Greg, Ann and their kids like to do all the things active families enjoy during the summer -- barbecuing, camping, boating, gardening, etc. Without an effective way to control yellowjackets, Greg's deadly allergy would keep him and the family trapped inside the house.

You can't get a better testimonial than Greg's, and that's why we made it into two TV commercials -- one from Greg's perspective, and the other from Ann's.

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The war on flies? You can leave that to us.

A couple of months ago, our customer service department received via e-mail one of the best testimonials we've read in a long time:

"I've used your products for years and have always been impressed with them, but never thought I'd use them in quite this way.

In July I took a job with KBR doing pest control and was assigned to Camp Patriot on the east side of Baghdad. I thought I could claim to have seen bad fly problems in 15 years of pest control, but nothing could prepare someone for what exists here. This is fly hell! I mean, they are overwhelming! I can throw down some bait and two hours later the ground will be black with a carpet of dead flies to the point that they cover the bait. GoldSticks are caked in 2 or 3 days in some places.

Rescue_at_war1_2 I use the Rescue fly traps along with fly sticks, baits, and fogging to help control flies throughout the base, including the guard towers (see photo) where they help draw flies away from Army soldiers assigned to protect the base. The soldiers are always amazed at how many flies these things can catch, sometimes they fill in only a week. One nice advantage they have over the glue traps and scatter baits is that dust does not degrade their performance, a real plus over here.

Anyway, keep up the great work. Everyone here appreciates having the flies in the bags instead of buzzing all over them."

Tagg Bowman, Jr. , KBR Vector Control

It was humbling to hear that, in this small way, our product helped make the conditions around the army base a little more bearable for those brave men and women who are risking their lives in Iraq.

Thanks, Tagg, for taking the time to write.

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