Mechanical insects

Bombus09 Here's a cool find: an artist who creates "mechanical insects" -- real insect specimens adorned with antique watch parts and other technological components. At right is a bumblebee from artist Mike Libby's collection at

Here's a statement from Libby about his creations:

"...Engineers look to insect movement, wing design and other characteristics for inspiration of new technology. Some of the most advanced "aircraft" is no bigger, or heavier, than a dragonfly, and NASA scientists are making big steps in walking rovers and “swarm theory” probes for planetary exploration. Manmade technology is finding that the most manuverable and efficient design features really does come from nature."

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Help! Get this bug off me!

Our Video of the Week is a hidden-camera gag featuring a plastic bug, two "pest control" guys, and some unsuspecting passers-by. Enjoy.

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Tell a friend W*H*Y

Want to tell someone you know W*H*Y? We have a series of e-postcards on our web site that you can easily e-mail to a friend. You can find the postcard page here.

The postcard will show up as an e-mail from you with your own personal message, and will include a link back to the site so the recipient can learn about the W*H*Y Trap for Wasps, Hornets & Yellowjackets.

Here's a sampling:




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Wasp cake

WaspcakeHere's a post from a blogger in Australia who baked and crafted a wasp cake, complete with toffee wings and chocolate antennae. So creative -- I love it!

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The WHO Trap

One month ago, we held a web conference for our sales reps around the country to give them the who, what, when, where, why and how regarding our new WHY Trap for wasps, hornets and yellowjackets. Some of them have not yet seen the product in person since they didn't attend the National Hardware Show. So as they're getting educated on the product, all are anxious to get their hands on some samples and start selling the WHY Trap to their key accounts.

We got a chuckle last week when one of our reps called and asked if she could have a half-dozen samples of the "WHO Trap".

Horton_lnm1_2Who knows, perhaps that could be the next new product to come out of our R&D Department. Horton the Elephant might want to warn the tiny Whos about this potential threat to their existence.


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Fun with bugs while they're not flying

It's cold in many parts of the country. Single-digits and below. Not a good time to be trying this:


For this reason, there's not too much happening in the world of insects. But you can amuse yourself with this pest control game where you rack up points for swatting flies, yellowjackets, beetles, maggots and and other bugs.

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Trap lures frogs and flies!

Trade shows and illness have prevented me from posting for the past several weeks. Before the month is out, I wanted to share a delightful note and photo from a customer in Hillsboro, Oregon.


She writes: "I thought you would like to see my two 'garden buddies' who come almost daily to take advantage of your fantastic fly traps. They like them almost as much as I do."

On the top of the disposable fly trap are two little frogs who are looking for easy pickings as the flies are lured to the trap. Here's another view:


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Beedog_1 Random fun: Here's a web site devoted to pictures of dogs dressed up as bees.

Hat tip: Our fine graphic artists at Sigma Design and Almost Daily.

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