It's a bug-eat-bug world in our new interactive game

We've been quiet lately, but it's not for lack of something exciting to share with you.

We have a new product... and it's a departure from our insect traps and attractants. It's a way you can play with bugs and get your hands dirty -- virtually speaking -- no matter what season it is or what the weather is like outside.

At RESCUE!, we know that not all bugs are "icky", or pestiferous, or dangerous. Some insects can actually be our allies. This is one of the inherent messages of BugfarmTM, our new interactive DVD-ROM game for ages 7+. It's designed to be a true-to-life simulation of both real vegetable gardening and the use of beneficial insects.

Bugfarm logo The game is being marketed by Bugfarm LLC, under license from our company, Sterling International. We contracted with Spokane, WA-based ARO Designs to develop the game.

BugfarmTM teaches children about science and nature in a format that sustains their attention. The game is a great introduction to entomology, and our hope is that it could also spark interest in growing a real vegetable garden.

In the game, players are able to:

  • Choose vegetable crops to plant in their virtual garden
  • Raise their own army of beneficial Spined Soldier Bugs in a virtual bug farm
  • Deploy Soldier Bugs to protect their garden
  • Play the role of a Soldier Bug in a 3D garden environment and hunt down pests
  • Maintain their plants with nutrients, water and fertilizer to help them grow
  • Learn about the effects of both pest damage and pesticide use on plants
  • Earn blue ribbons for their prizewinning vegetables

Experiments and informative videos are included on the DVD to round out the educational experience.

SSB Attack 1 BugfarmTM features groundbreaking graphics and animation. You can see each vein on a tomato plant leaf, each stripe on a cabbage looper, and each eye on a potato. The bugs can walk on the underside of a leaf, just like they do in real life. You can watch a demo here on our website.

BugfarmTM is available online from us for only $24.95, and provides many opportunities for different levels of games and different players. In fact, a single copy of BugfarmTM allows an entire classroom of students to each play their own game and compete against each other.

You can go to to learn more about this new educational game. Hmmm... Christmas is coming... perhaps a child you know would like to receive this as a gift? (Hint! Hint!)

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Unveiling the Trail

Gorgeous Northwest spring weather greeted a group of Sterling employees last Saturday as we took part in the annual "Unveil the Trail" day to clean the Centennial Trail, a paved walking/running/biking path that follows the contours of the Spokane River.

Our company has adopted mile 28-29, which runs northwest of the city of Spokane.

The fact that there was very little trash to pick up is a testament to how much residents value their Trail. And it was quite active that morning with walkers and runners training for the upcoming Bloomsday Run on Sunday, May 3.

Here's the group of employees, spouses and kids who participated:


Our Marketing Coordinator, Alyssa Ando, with the mile marker:


Here's a shot of the view along our mile:


Our R&D Department was well represented:


And our President Rod Schneidmiller and his wife led the effort:


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We're going to Houston!

I'm excited to go to Houston next month to represent RESCUE! at the "Mom 2.0 Summit: An Open Conversation Between Moms and Marketers". We want moms to know about our environmentally responsible products to keep their families safe from pest insects like wasps, hornets and yellowjackets.

I'm attending The Mom 2.0 Summit

If anyone reading this is attending the Summit, let us know! I'd love to meet you.

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Green giveaway

Our gratitude goes out to Mary, who responded yesterday to my query about the importance of environmentally responsible and non-toxic pest control products.

She wrote: "It is extremely important to us that the pest control products we use around our house be environmentally responsible and non-toxic because we have a German Shephard puppy who loves outdoors and is extremely inquisitive. Thank you for creating the RESCUE fly traps! They are great! We tell everyone we know about them! Keep up the great work!"

Rescue_tote_3 I'll be sending Mary a RESCUE! coffee tumbler as promised, and I'm also going to throw in this canvas tote bag to thank her for being a great evangelist for RESCUE! pest control products.

You see, we love comments on our blog, because we created it to be a source of not only information, but also dialogue.

And sometimes it even pays off in free RESCUE! schwag!

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A green giveaway for Earth Day

Unless you've been living under a rock, snowed in, or still in diapause like some of our insect friends, you're aware that it's Earth Day.

I found it particularly hard to ignore Earth Day while reading the Sunday paper, which seemed to be overflowing with more retailer inserts than usual -- all accented with bright green ink and telling us how their stores are green, their products are green, and how you and I can be green too. There were some good suggestions, such as using reusable canvas bags to do your grocery shopping rather than requesting plastic bags each time. (According to various reports, the average family goes through about 400 plastic grocery bags a year -- some say it's as much as 1500!)

Another suggestion was to forgo buying bottled water in throwaway plastic bottles, and instead using a reusable bottle that you fill with filtered water from the tap or refrigerator.

Nalgene144x240_3 A reusable plastic water bottle! This put me in a generous mood as I had been wanting to offer blog readers something of value for Earth Day. Last year we purchased a number of polycarbonate water bottles in our cool yellow-green color and had our logo printed on them. What a perfect giveaway for Earth Day!

And then I saw this news. It appears that Nalgene is phasing out their popular style of water bottle (which ours resembles closely) because of health concerns over one of the ingredients in the plastic.

It's unclear how much of an issue this really is, or exactly what health problems are caused by this plastic additive. I usually carry water around whereever I go and I love my Nalgene bottles for that purpose. To me it's like cell phones and brain cancer. Is there really a link, and how big of a risk is it for me to change my lifestyle?

Rescuetumbler_2 Whether there is a significant health risk or not -- and we are looking into this matter further -- the fact is that this news has taken away the value of my water-bottle Earth Day giveaway.

So I have a backup plan: a reusable, insulated tumbler. You can put your coffee in this instead of a paper or styrofoam cup, and it's also in our cool yellow-green color!

If you would like one of these smart tumblers, all you have to do is this: post a short comment on this blog entry and in it, answer this question...

On a scale of 1 to 10 (10 being very important), how important is it to you that the pest control products you use around your house be environmentally responsible and non-toxic? Feel free to elaborate if you wish.

I will choose three people at random from the posts on April 22 to receive a free tumbler. (I'll send a separate, private e-mail to get your address.)

Happy Earth Day!

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