New Product: The Fly Trap Grenade

FlyTrapgrenade The RESCUE! Fly Trap Grenade takes care of your worst enemies. Just hang the trap to catch those filthy flies. Once it's full, just hurl the RESCUE! Fly Trap Grenade at your enemies and watch them run!

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Wasp sting to the chest...

...convinces woman to enlarge her breasts.

I don't make this stuff up; I just report it.

Perhaps this gal might also like to see how she'd look with bee-stung lips.

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Help! Get this bug off me!

Our Video of the Week is a hidden-camera gag featuring a plastic bug, two "pest control" guys, and some unsuspecting passers-by. Enjoy.

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Videos of the Week: Oddball Pest Control Commercials

Last week I shared one of the TV commercials, called "Break Room", we produced for the new W*H*Y Trap for Wasps, Hornets & Yellowjackets. We're entering that and several other projects in our local Addy Awards competition today.

This week, I dug up three pest control service commercials that are silly, quirky, and... well, downright disturbing. Probably safe to say they're not award-winning. But I do wonder if they made the phone ring for these exterminating services. What do you think?

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Hunting yellowjackets with Johnny Rotten

Megabugsdvd18 Punk rocker Johnny Rotten, television host? Yes! We recently learned that John Lydon (a.k.a. Johnny Rotten of the Sex Pistols) had a 10-episode series on the Discovery Channel in 2005 called "Megabugs", and his engaging personality and fascination with insects make it an entertaining show.

Our new friend Richard Martyniak of All Florida Bee Removal (@AFBR on Twitter) joined up with Johnny for an episode about wasps and yellowjackets. They took apart a Vespula squamosa (Southern Yellowjacket) nest growing on the side of a building.

You can read Richard's recap of the experience and see a video clip here. Fun stuff!

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Video of the Week: "Break Room"

Let's head back to the break room for a donut, shall we? Maybe we'll hear the latest buzz about what's happening in the company.

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A couple of summer pest recipes

Last summer I posted a recipe for Yellowjacket Apple Crisp. I just came across two more recipes involving some stinging insects.

Wasp's Nest Cake doesn't incorporate a wasp nest at all -- I guess it's just supposed to look like one. It actually sounds yummy, with vanilla pudding, yellow cake mix, milk, butterscotch chips and whipped cream as the ingredients.

On the other hand, you can try this recipe for Yellowjacket Soup at your own risk:

Gather ground-dwelling yellow jackets whole comb early in the morning. Place over heat right side up to loosen grubs. Remove grubs. Place comb over heat again until the cover parches. Remove and pick out the yellow jackets and brown in oven. Make soup by boiling in water and season with grease and salt.

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Fun Friday bug stuff

We're several days into spring now, although some parts of the country aren't feeling like it.

Here's some random bug stuff for Friday.

Spacebeetleutopia On ABC's "American Inventor" reality show, the judges were treated to some wacky ideas such as "Space Beetle Utopia", a condo-slash-playground for beetles. The inventor claims it's the successor to the ant farm. The judges, however, were not impressed.

Fly Check out this piece of sidewalk chalk art. That's a fly much too big to be caught in our fly trap!

The artist, Julian Beever, creates 3D chalk drawings on pavement -- many of which are optical illusions. More of his amazing drawings are found here.

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Flies get their own movie buzz

Fly_7 Is Hollywood fascinated with insects? Apparently some filmmakers think bugs are great entertainment. Add another movie to the list of bug features that includes Antz, A Bug's Life and Bee Movie (coming in 2007). Fly Me to the Moon is about three young houseflies that stow away on the Apollo 11 flight to the moon.

And, I'm not making this up... retired astronaut Buzz Aldrin will make an appearance as himself.

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A post about nothing

Beemovieseinfeld Although it won't be in theaters for over a year, I'm looking forward to seeing "Bee Movie". It's an animated feature scheduled for release in November 2007.

Jerry Seinfeld co-wrote the script and provides the voice of the main character, Barry B. Benson.

I'm wondering if there will be a "honey nazi" in the movie.

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Bug Buffet

Larvalsalad3 Just read that an entomology professor at Washington State University, just south of us, earlier this month served up a variety of insect delicacies. The event was part of the "Insects and People" class. Mealworm tacos and cricket chili... how did I miss this?

According to this National Geographic article, scientists estimate that between 50 and 80 percent of the world's population eat insects as a regular part of their diet.

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Mmmm... deep-fried wasps!

A Chinese pest control operator has stumbled upon a use for the wasp nests he is frequently hired to remove: he deep-fries the bugs and eats them. Apparently he does not charge for his services; he considers the opportunity to enjoy this delicacy as payment enough.

My favorite line in this article:

If he sounds confused, it may have something to do with the fact that he drinks a kind of alcoholic drink which contains wasps, for fun.

He'd probably also like the recipe for Yellowjacket Apple Crisp.

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Cockroach Hall of Fame

Marilyn_monroach Does seeing a cockroach dressed in a tutu or bikini take away the fear factor? The curator of the Cockroach Hall of Fame thinks so. The exterminator who created it gets a kick out of dressing cockroaches up in costumes such as "Marilyn Monroach."

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Buggin' with Ruud

Animal Planet has a new Wednesday night program called "Buggin' with Ruud."

Here's their description of the show:

Ruud_109_1 Cicadas, tarantulas and beetles, oh my! Whether you love or loathe bugs, collect them or have the irresistible urge to squish them on sight, the adventures of Animal Planet's Bugman, quirky entomologist Ruud Kleinpaste, offers viewers an eye-opening journey into the fascinating world of insects large and small. His world premiere series, BUGGIN' WITH RUUD, debuts on Animal Planet Wednesday, June 15, at 8 p.m. ET/PT as part of the network's brand-new destination night, WILD WEDNESDAYS.

Looks interesting. My first thought when watching the preview was that Ruud is the Steve Irwin ("Crocodile Hunter") of the bug world.

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Fun with produce

Store_wars_poster_rgb_2 Concerned about genetically modified produce and pesticides on the food you buy in the grocery store? Then join Obi Wan Cannoli, Cuke Skywalker, Ham Solo and Chewbroccoli for the Organic Rebellion, and look for the USDA organic label on your food.

"Star Wars" parodies have been done countless times before, but this little movie is just plain fun.

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Fly swatter game

Fly2_1 Here's some Friday fun: The fly swatter game. Score points by swatting flies. Let them buzz around a while before swatting and see how big they get. The larger the fly, the larger the splat.

Thanks to Oana for reminding me of this long-forgotten link.

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The Grumpy Bug

Grumpybug_thumbnail_1For your amusement... a cute children's story about a grumpy bug trying to find someone to play with him.

Before clicking "play," you can have some fun moving the cursor over the grumpy bug and getting him to grumble at you.

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