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Breaking the stink bug cycle

StinkBug_outdoors So you had a stink bug invasion inside your house this past fall, winter and spring. Now that it's nearly summer, you're not seeing them anymore. Has the problem gone away? 

Hardly. If any adult stink bugs were inside your house this spring, they have: 1) died inside the house; and/or 2) found their way back outside to mate and lay eggs.

It's the second possibility you need to be concerned about. The population of stink bugs outside your home could multiply exponentially this summer. An adult female stink bug can lay 20-30 eggs in a mass and as many as 400 eggs in a season. Usually, there are two generations that survive in a season. So from that single stink bug, you could potentially have hundreds more later on.

So, even though stink bugs may be out of sight to you this summer where your house interior is concerned, don't let them be out of mind. By using the RESCUE! Stink Bug Trap outdoors in July, August and September, you can break their breeding cycle and put a dent in the problem. Any number of stink bugs you can catch is significant.

Where can you purchase them? A complete list is coming soon on our web site... stay tuned!

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I'm so glad that you guys have this product out..As you know I'm working towards helping my fellow Maryland residents deal with this pest. I noticed a tree in the back with the eggs on the leaves so as soon as I guys get them here I will be testing them. Thanks again

Posted by: Maryland Stink Bugs | Jul 12, 2011 11:34:10 AM

I live in northern Virginia and purchased two of these traps at the high price of $45 to hopefully defeat the stink bug infestation in my garden and small vineyard. After one week, I'm disappointed to say these traps have only captured two (2) juvenile stink bugs. Per the directions, one trap was placed only 4 feet from a visibly infected tomato plant with 10-15 bugs on the fruit, yet this trap only captured one little stink bug. I was able to capture and kill more bugs by shaking the tomato plant and squishing the little bugs between my fingers when they fell to the ground.

So the Rescue stink bug traps, IMHO, are not effective at capturing, killing or controlling stink bugs. A total waste of money - :-(

Posted by: W. Ramsey | Aug 5, 2011 9:20:56 AM

Oh wow, these things are SO ANNOYING - we have them in our yard and they're just gross. I will look for these in our hardware store next time - I don't like using poisons with pets and a baby in the house.

Posted by: Content Writer | Aug 6, 2011 6:30:59 PM

Good level of information here. Awesome! I really love the way you write your article here... And also it shows facts which I like. Thanks for sharing this.

Posted by: Reliable Marketer | Aug 9, 2011 10:53:57 PM

hello, using the trap for a week. Seems like it's working. Trapped about 50 of them in a week. Also seems like i have about 3-4 times the bugs on and around the trap and on our butterfly bush. They are literally crawling all over the ground under the trap. Do you think it's ok to start trying to poison or spray dish detergent and water solution on and around the trap including the bush? Guessing if we could give them a one two punch, this would really be effective. Would love some opinions as we dont want to ruin the traps effectiveness or scare the bugs from around the trap etc.

Posted by: B. | Aug 14, 2011 5:07:38 PM

Great gadget and at a good price, can you provide a link so I can buy through you.

Posted by: mia | Nov 29, 2011 3:18:55 PM

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