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No fooling... RESCUE! expands product line to include a spray!

WHYS_WHY-Spray_300res Sterling International, long known for its RESCUE!® traps and attractants which mitigate insect pests, is branching out with a spray: W·H·Y® Spray for Wasp, Hornet & Yellowjacket Nests.

W·H·Y® Spray is a concentrated blast of natural plant oils that instantly confuses the insects and kills them within seconds. The spray coats, penetrates and destroys the nest. Once sprayed, the treated nest repels insects that try to return to their colony. While being tough on insects, W·H·Y® Spray is safe to use around people and pets. The product will be available in July of this year.

Why a spray, when RESCUE!® has built its reputation on insect traps?

“We were asked to create a wasp/hornet/yellowjacket spray by some of our major retail customers, since they saw RESCUE!® as the authority on these stinging insects,” said Jim Oxley, vice president of sales for Sterling International. “Since there is an abundance of wasp & hornet sprays on the market, it was important for us to innovate this category, make it more ‘green’, and not simply slap our brand name on a ‘me-too’ product.”

The natural plant oil formula was created by Sterling’s Research & Development Department and tested effectively on not only exposed paper wasp, bald-faced hornet and aerial yellowjacket nests, but also underground yellowjacket nests. Underground nests are especially dangerous because their size is not visible.

Established in 1982, Sterling International, Inc. sells its RESCUE!® products for wasps, hornets, yellowjackets, flies, Japanese beetles and Oriental beetles through home improvement centers, hardware stores and lawn & garden retailers throughout the U.S. and beyond.




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Does this new spray need a registration under the biocide regulation in Holland or broader in EU.

Posted by: Rudie | Apr 18, 2011 3:52:21 PM

Good level of information here. Awesome! I really love the way you write your article here... And also it shows facts which I like. Thanks for sharing this.

Posted by: Reliable Marketer | Aug 9, 2011 10:54:56 PM

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