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Is Pittsburgh the epicenter of the stink bug invasion?

StinkBug smaller What's happening in Pittsburgh to make stink bugs such a hot topic? Looks like a warming trend where daytime temps reached the 60s this past week is playing a role in stirring up these stinky specimens. The adult bugs are getting restless inside the houses where they found shelter when the weather turned colder last fall.

StinkBugTrapwLogo Thanks to this Post-Gazette blog post, this Post-Gazette article, this WPXI-TV news story, and this one on KDKA-TV, we're getting an extraordinary response from western Pennsylvania for our Stink Bug Trap. Retailers in the area are on it, too, letting us know they're hot to get the product on their shelves!

We know that inside the house, stink bugs respond to light and seek moisture. When they are disturbed or threatened, they emit a chemical defensive secretion. In lay terms, they stink!

Whether it's flushing them down the toilet, vacuuming them (which causes that chemical defense) or dunking them in a water/dish soap mixture, people are getting by with home remedies for now because there is no effective extermination method.

The good news is that these overwintering adults will start to leave the house when spring's warmer temperatures hit.

We wish it were sooner, folks, but help is on the way... Hang on for the RESCUE! Stink Bug Trap, coming July 2011!

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We are in of our 4th year for the stink bug invasion here at our home in a very wooded area of the Blue Ridge Mountains in Northeren Virginia. On average we are finding about 50 a day indoors. These numbers increase substancialy as we move through March and April. We are anxiously awaiting your trap hitting the market.

Posted by: Jon | Feb 21, 2011 8:49:44 AM

are they also infested the garden's in Pittsburgh? in my garden also. and even in our house, they flew in our light bulbs, so stinky.

Posted by: Stink Bugs | Jun 25, 2011 7:40:02 PM

Oh no! They multiply fast. Are they still lurking in gardens and houses there today? I think the best way to control pests is good maintenance. Cleaning the yard and the inside of the house will keep them away. If that doesn't work, then it's best to call in the professionals.

Posted by: Findewaa Gustavo | Dec 21, 2011 7:55:38 AM

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