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Don't like stink bugs? Then "Like" RESCUE! on Facebook!

If you like the fact that we've developed a Stink Bug Trap, and you're on Facebook, then "Like" RESCUE! there. We post the latest news and occasionally do contests and giveaways there too!

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I called my Busy Beaver in my area, AND they are not getting the product until July!!!!! What gives Rescue? Shud I say or report to the BBB? And they are getting deluged with phone calls in regards to this Rescue product. I strongly suggest you get the product to the store(s) ASAP or a complaint will be filed.!!!!!.....

Posted by: Geri | Feb 19, 2011 10:27:50 AM

Geri: Our original announcement here stated that our RESCUE! Stink Bug Trap will not be available until July. We understand that people are overrun with these bugs, but the process of bringing a product like this to market takes time. We are presently showing the product to potential retail customers in the prototype stage, as we are not yet in production with either the plastic trap parts or the pheromones. Please be patient!

Posted by: Stephanie | Feb 21, 2011 2:25:09 PM

Is there any way to have the traps shipped here straight from the manufacturer? We will need at least 150 of them and the stink bugs have caused extensive damage to our roof top air conditioners and heating systems. They actually locked like they were part of the building, totally wall papering the building to where you needed a broom to sweep them off to get in the building. Help please.....

Posted by: Debbie | Mar 3, 2011 3:21:52 AM

Debbie: We are dealing with distributors and our existing customers to sell the Stink Bug Traps, and are not taking any direct orders at this time. There is a hardware store in western PA that is taking advance orders for the traps and offering a discount; you might want to try them: R.C. Walter & Son True Value in Boston, PA (www.rcwalter.com).

Posted by: Stephanie | Mar 3, 2011 12:36:33 PM

Do not buy the disposable yellow jacket trap. The wasp just flew right by it. Did not trap a single one.

Posted by: Rhonda | May 22, 2011 1:47:10 PM

I`m a sales person at a big box hardware store,and I have sold dozen`s of these traps.And I bought one for my self plus the refill.And I will tell you IT IS A WASTE OF MONEY!! I put the trap in my garden were I have a major stink bug problem,and I made sure I did it right.But after two and a half weeks,I didn`t have not a one bug go into it! I even hung it on a corn cob in my field,and the bottom of the trap was resting on another cob that was covered with bugs,and nothing went in it.

Posted by: Stan | Aug 3, 2011 4:05:52 PM

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