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Sickened by stings

If you are allergic to wasp, hornet or yellowjacket stings, you know that it only takes one to cause a life-threatening reaction.

But sometimes, you're not aware of your allergy until it's nearly too late. Take the case of a Puyallup, Washington man who is on a ventilator after getting stung on the Fourth of July. According to his brother, "He's never been allergic to bees (yellowjackets). He's had tons and tons of stings in his whole life. Never had an allergic reaction, ever."

That gentleman is one of five people in western Washington who were treated recently for anaphylactic shock after being stung.

Here's the complete story from KOMO News in Seattle.

Here's a list of steps to take if you're stung, and warning signs that you may be allergic.


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I was stung 3 days ago by a wasp or yellow jacket that had a white hood. I have several of these in my yard & have yet to identify what they are. If you know please let me know as I had a very bad reaction.

Posted by: Patricia Spooner | Oct 29, 2010 2:23:58 PM

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