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P!nk's Wasp Problem

So singer Pink (or P!nk) has a wasp problem. So what, she's still a rock star. But it bothered her enough that she mentioned it on Twitter this week:

Pink wasp tweet 

Her annoyance at the wasps, paired with her desire not to kill them, led to hundreds if not thousands of tweets from fans concerned about her and wanting to be helpful.

The tweeted responses ranged from the informative...

Twitter _ Allun Roberts_ @Pink You can't move wasp' ... 

to the funny...

Twitter _ jane urban_ @Pink put on a wasp queen ... 

to the ridiculous...

Twitter _ Molly Il_ @Pink call the wasp whispe ... 

Wasp whisperer? Um, don't think so.

Surmising that she wanted the problem eliminated in the safest, greenest possible way, I offered this:

Pink wasp reply 

No word on whether P!nk rushed out to her nearest Wal*Mart to buy a W*H*Y Trap, or whether she tried to look for a wasp whisperer.

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Loving the Disposable Yellowjacket Trap

We heard from two customers last week who were so happy with the RESCUE! Disposable Yellowjacket Trap that they just had to share photos and video!

Mike in Capitola, California showed us how the yellowjackets were going crazy over the trap:

And Cheryl-Lynn here in Spokane Valley, Washington sent us photos illustrating how well the traps were working on a family camping trip to Downs Lake, where they found this yellowjacket nest in the ground:

Sterling 015 

Hanging up several of our traps helped reduce the population dramatically, as they got quite full -- literally teeming with yellowjackets:

Sterling 017  

Sterling 024 

Here's a closeup. Note the paper wasp (to the right of the yellow cone -- the one with longer wings) trying to get in!

DispYJTrap wasp closeup

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