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Video of the Week: How to treat a wasp/hornet/yellowjacket sting

I'll be heading out with the rest of our office to our annual Company Picnic in about half an hour. Thankfully, this has always been a sting-free event, thanks to our R&D folks who hang copious amounts of our RESCUE! Yellowjacket Traps -- and now our W*H*Y Trap -- all around the Liberty Lake County Park and the pavillion where we enjoy the potluck meal.

But even with traps in use, there is still a danger of getting stung, and that's why it's good to know the tips contained in this video where a Registered Nurse explains what to do if that happens:

You can also read more "what-to-do-if-you're-stung" info here, and here are some DOs and DON'Ts around wasps, hornets and yellowjackets to lessen the chance of a sting happening.

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On my way to BlogHer '09!

Since I launched the RESCUE! BugBlog and wrote my first post in March 2005, blogging has grown enormously. Women bloggers in particular have really taken to this medium, creating blogs in so many different niche categories and finding their voices online. I had the opportunity to interact with hundreds of "mommy bloggers" at the inaugural Mom 2.0 Summit earlier this year, and now there's BlogHer '09 coming up this week in Chicago, which will be even bigger!

First up is the BlogHer Business Conference...

I'm Going to BlogHer Business '09 

and after that, the full BlogHer '09 extravaganza!

BlogHer '09 In Real Life

Throw in a 5K fun run, and I'm so there!


I'll be networking and giving out some cool "swag" items for attendees to remember us by -- including cooler bags, insect bite/sting relief kits, seed packets... and even some Magic 8 balls.

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Video: Mobile home for wasps

So last week, our Marketing Assistant Jonathan noticed a paper wasp buzzing around our Customer Service Rep Susan's car, then going in the crevice of the passenger-side door. Turns out there was an small egg-shaped paper wasp nest in the door that was only visible when opening it. Upon checking out this nest, we found a second one in the car -- behind the rear-view mirror!

In this video, I attempt to show both nests in the car. Adding to the excitement, I get buzzed by a paper wasp about 50 seconds in... she wasn't too happy that I was poking around her house.

Shortly thereafter, our R&D scientists evicted these wasps from their "mobile home".

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Wasp sting claims man's life

So sad... a single wasp sting claimed this man's life five years ago. Neither he nor his family knew he was allergic.

The man in a previous post got 200 stings and survived. This man was stung once and died. Being allergic to wasps made all the difference.

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200 stings

A UK man accidentally fell onto a bush that contained a large wasp or yellowjacket nest and was stung over 200 times.


The man was rushed to the hospital and is expected to survive.

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Video of the Week: Japanese Beetle swarm

July 4 is usually high time for Japanese Beetles to be problematic in the eastern United States. This week's featured video shows a Japanese Beetle trap that's just swarming with beetles.

Since I can't embed videos today for some reason, click here to see it.

JBT_zipper When I looked at the video closely, I could see that someone had taken our RESCUE! Beetle Trap and replaced the bag with a gallon Ziploc bag -- presumably to reuse it. Good news: that is no longer necessary, as our new Japanese/Oriental Beetle Trap released this year has a slide-lock bottom so the trap can be emptied and reused!

Ninja with chopsticks1 We'll leave you with our TV commercial from several years back. "Rose" thinks she has found the best way to rescue her roses from Japanese Beetles... Ninjas!

Click here to see the commercial.

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