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Mechanical insects

Bombus09 Here's a cool find: an artist who creates "mechanical insects" -- real insect specimens adorned with antique watch parts and other technological components. At right is a bumblebee from artist Mike Libby's collection at www.insectlabstudio.com.

Here's a statement from Libby about his creations:

"...Engineers look to insect movement, wing design and other characteristics for inspiration of new technology. Some of the most advanced "aircraft" is no bigger, or heavier, than a dragonfly, and NASA scientists are making big steps in walking rovers and “swarm theory” probes for planetary exploration. Manmade technology is finding that the most manuverable and efficient design features really does come from nature."

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The military is already testing mechanical insects to spy on enemies. Small cameras have come a long way, actually, anyone can have a really small spy camera, like inside a pen, but not the insects, yet.

Posted by: Spy Hidden Cameras | Mar 2, 2011 6:44:17 PM

This is a sort of spy gadgets, really cool! Im a fan of bumblebee too. That mechanical insects might be effective in the forest or a place where there are many trees.

Posted by: Kevin Harris | Jun 7, 2011 4:01:19 AM

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