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Housing starts down -- for people, not for wasps!

Dominulus_Euro_Paper_Wasp_with_nest2.jpg We've been hearing the same news for months: new home construction is down. Reuters reported last week that housing starts in December 2008 were down 33.3% from 2007 and new home building permits were down 36.2%.

Not to be flip about a serious problem facing our economy, but there is one sector of housing that is not likely to be affected by this downturn: the building of wasp, hornet and yellowjacket nests.

Crabro_European_Hornet_Nest These insects will be building heavily this spring, and whether they build in a tree, underground, under the eaves of your house or within its walls, they won't take the time to submit a permit.

There is a way you can stop their building and hand them an eviction notice: by putting out traps in spring when the weather starts to warm up. Use either the RESCUE! Yellowjacket Trap for the yellowjackets, or the RESCUE! W*H*Y Trap to stop the wasps, hornets and yellowjackets. Our traps will catch the queens when they emerge from hibernation to scout nest-building locations.

138 Don't let them build an addition like this onto your house!

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