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Video of the Week: Wasps wiggle to the beat

Here's some impressive close-up footage of paper wasps on a nest as they walk around, build, preen and tussle -- to reggae music. Even the larvae in the nest are moving... to the beat, perhaps?

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We bought the rescue fly trap and hung it indoors (yucky smell), but the house is big and so we didn't go in the room where it was. We have an infestation of hundreds of flies--lasting for the winter in MI. We don't think there is any garbage anywhere. The flies don't seem interested in food, only in the windows and buzzing the lights. We left the trap up for two weeks and not one went in there.

The flies are slow. My husband thinks I should know how to get rid of them because I have a masters degree in Biology. I told him that they are coming from something--I suspected ether the plants that we brought in from outside to house them for the winter (in soil or dead leaves) or in the wood that he brings in for our fire. He says no, that the wood wouldn't have them.

I also suspect that because we have the occasional bat flying through the house that one may have left its carcas somewhere and they are coming from there or from the feces that the bats leave in the attic.

My husband has taken to vacuuming the bats into the vaccum cleaner. He puts a piece of plastic wrap on the end of it. The numbers have been dwindling. Last night we heard a chirping noise, which I previously thought was bat communication, but this morning we found another large population of flies! They were coming from everywhere, hundreds of them again. Is it possible that the chirping noise was a mass fly hatching? Do they make a noise when they hatch like cicadas?

Posted by: docbeeb | Jan 3, 2009 3:08:47 PM

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