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In which I get stung by a yellowjacket hiding in my house slipper.

We interrupt this regularly scheduled "Video of the Week" post to bring you a personal story from the writer of this blog.

YellowJacket Ouch. My foot is still swollen, itching and throbbing from the early-morning jolt of a yellowjacket sting by a queen hiding in my house slipper.

This yellowjacket and I had already met yesterday morning. She was flying lethargically around my bedroom, looking for a place to hibernate for the winter. Before I could find a magazine to whack her with, she disappeared behind a mirror. Which allowed her to live another day... and go to sleep in my house slipper.

I trapped her in a "catch jar" with a mesh top and brought her in to our lab, where our scientists identified her as a Vespula vulgaris, or Common Yellowjacket.

Being stung actually might have saved me from more problems down the road. Common Yellowjackets are known to nest in between the walls of houses. If I had not found this queen, she could have started a nest in my attic next spring!

She now awaits her fate in our insect research lab.

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