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Video of the Week: The danger of a single yellowjacket sting

My 3-year old nephew in Reno was stung three times by a yellowjacket earlier this week. Poor little guy! Though he cried from the pain of the stings, thankfully he did not have an allergic reaction.

Greg Romey didn't fare so well years ago when he was stung by a yellowjacket. The 6-foot-4 husband and father was outside in his Spokane Valley yard when a yellowjacket got him on the ankle. Within minutes, he was dizzy and his breathing became labored. His wife, Ann, got him in their van and raced to the Emergency Room, about 8 minutes away. By that time, Greg's heart had stopped. Thanks to the quick work of the doctors, they revived him in the hospital. Afterward, he met with a doctor who told him of the severity of his allergy to yellowjacket stings and warned him that if he was stung again, he would have only five minutes to get medical treatment instead of ten. Greg left the hospital armed with some Epinephrine pens, and also a recommendation from the allergy doctor to protect the perimeter of his home by using RESCUE! Yellowjacket Traps.

Our company president, Rod Schneidmiller, met Greg back in 2001, seemingly by chance, at a junior high basketball game. Upon discovering that Rod owned the company that made the traps, Greg said, "Those traps saved my life!".

Well, maybe we didn't save Greg's life that day, but we did save Greg's outdoor lifestyle and that of his family. Greg, Ann and their kids like to do all the things active families enjoy during the summer -- barbecuing, camping, boating, gardening, etc. Without an effective way to control yellowjackets, Greg's deadly allergy would keep him and the family trapped inside the house.

You can't get a better testimonial than Greg's, and that's why we made it into two TV commercials -- one from Greg's perspective, and the other from Ann's.

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