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Video of the Week: Late summer brings more chance of yellowjacket stings

Wasp and yellowjacket attacks have dominated our postings lately at the BugBlog, but that's because late August/early September is the time of year we hear about the most incidence of stings. I've personally been stung by a wasp or yellowjacket on or just before Labor Day weekend just about every year. Most yellowjacket colonies are at their peak right now, and they're getting desperate for sustenance to keep the nest alive. If you're in their way as they forage for food, watch out!

Here's a video from DiscoveryNews.com about this very subject.

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Wasps & yellowjacket attacks make news

Here's a roundup of late summer yellowjacket and wasp stories from around the U.S.

Bugsinarow_vertical_2 Nashua, NH: Man suffers severe reaction after wasp (yellowjacket) sting

Clark County, WA: Yellowjackets wage attack (A 14-year old girl gets stung, then notices her two small dogs covered in yellowjackets.)

Bethesda, MD: Wasps buzz in, postal carriers bug out

Angola, IN: The neighborhood is buzzing now that I'm back (A columnist details her experience of finding yellowjackets swarming inside her bathroom and a nest inside her house wall.)

Madison Township, OH: Yellowjackets attack beagle (The poor dog suffered an allergic reaction to about 150 stings and had to be put down.)

Vermilion, OH: Speeder's defense: Dozens of wasp stings (Pulled over for speeding, a man had just suffered 30 to 50 wasp stings and was trying to rush to the hospital on his motorcycle. He collapsed when the officer detained him, but a police cruiser was able to get him to the Emergency Room in time.)

Eau Claire, WI: Man dies from wasp sting  (Devastating story. A man saw a nail sticking up from his deck and pounded it back in with a hammer. Little did he know there was a wasp nest underneath. He collapsed after a single sting on his elbow.)

Cape May, NJ: Cape May beachgoers bugged (Wasps are living in the sand dunes and dive-bombing tourists.)

Brazil, IN: Yellowjackets and bees nearing peak

Bismarck, ND: Wasp and yellowjacket season is just beginning (Says Judy Carlson of the Department of Agriculture, "A lot of people wonder if it's a wasp or a hornet or a yellowjacket" that's bothering them.)Psst! Hey Judy! That's why they need W*H*Y!

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Video of the Week: "Rescue 911 - Yellowjacket Attack"

This week's video is from that old gem of a program, "Rescue 911" -- complete with cheesy reenactments and William Shatner's narration. But it's eerily similar to the true story that we portrayed in our RESCUE! Yellowjacket Trap testimonial ads, posted here earlier this month.

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Tell a friend W*H*Y

Want to tell someone you know W*H*Y? We have a series of e-postcards on our www.whyistheanswer.com web site that you can easily e-mail to a friend. You can find the postcard page here.

The postcard will show up as an e-mail from you with your own personal message, and will include a link back to the site so the recipient can learn about the W*H*Y Trap for Wasps, Hornets & Yellowjackets.

Here's a sampling:




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W*H*Y Trap elements coming together

As we near our Fall trade show season, the raw materials needed to start producing the W*H*Y Trap for Wasps, Hornets & Yellowjackets are coming together. In the past two weeks, we've received elements of the packaging for the W*H*Y Trap, which makes the Marketing team quite happy.

Here's the cardboard "wrap" which goes around the trap. Note the diagram showing all 20 species that the trap catches and their corresponding markings. 


Here's the foil pouch which contains the W*H*Y attractant refills:


Here's the header card that goes on top of our floor display:


And here's the display box for our W*H*Y attractant:


I'm banking on all these elements grabbing the consumer's attention in a store environment and communicating the quality of the product. Our wonderful designers at Sigma get the credit for the striking graphics, and Spokane Packaging for the design of the cardboard wrap and displays.   

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Find RESCUE! on Facebook

If you're on Facebook, you can now find RESCUE! there too.


Check out "RESCUE! -- Responsible Insect Control for Outdoor Living". We'd love it if you became a fan!

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Video of the Week: Inside a Bald-Faced Hornet Nest

Here's a fascinating look inside a growing Bald-faced Hornet (Dolichovespula maculata) nest over a weeks' time. The cross-section view shows the queen constructing it and feeding her larvae.

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How to make an injured Marketing Director's day

Just send us an e-mail like this:

Yjtr_against_blueWow! You all make great products. I bought your yellow jacket trap because my BBQ area is next to a magnolia tree, which has a lot of yellow jackets. I expect that your trap would catch a few yellow jackets. In about an hour, we must have had 10 in there. Within two weeks, I'm sure there's more than 100 in each of the two traps. I've never used an insect trap that works as well as your product. Because it worked so well, I also bought a fly trap. Wow, again. In three weeks, it was nearly solid with dead flys (sic). I'll never use a different brand besides Rescue. Great job on the design and the attractant. You guys (and girls) know your stuff.

Thanks, Mark from San Jose!

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Where are the wasps? (or the hornets, or the yellowjackets)

So you've heard horror stories about giant European Hornets, or maybe you've read about red wasps and their fiery sting... but you're not sure if you have these nuisances in your neck of the woods.

It's WHY to the RESCUE! We have a new resource on our www.whyistheanswer.com web site for the WHY Trap. It's an interactive map that tells you which of the 20 species of wasps, hornets and yellowjackets are found in your area of the U.S.

Simply roll over each insect (it works better if you do it slowly) with your mouse pointer, and the U.S. map is highlighted with the "footprint" of where each insect is found. Then you can click on the insect if you want to find out more about its nesting habits, nature toward humans, etc.


You can find the map here.

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Video of the Week: The danger of a single yellowjacket sting

My 3-year old nephew in Reno was stung three times by a yellowjacket earlier this week. Poor little guy! Though he cried from the pain of the stings, thankfully he did not have an allergic reaction.

Greg Romey didn't fare so well years ago when he was stung by a yellowjacket. The 6-foot-4 husband and father was outside in his Spokane Valley yard when a yellowjacket got him on the ankle. Within minutes, he was dizzy and his breathing became labored. His wife, Ann, got him in their van and raced to the Emergency Room, about 8 minutes away. By that time, Greg's heart had stopped. Thanks to the quick work of the doctors, they revived him in the hospital. Afterward, he met with a doctor who told him of the severity of his allergy to yellowjacket stings and warned him that if he was stung again, he would have only five minutes to get medical treatment instead of ten. Greg left the hospital armed with some Epinephrine pens, and also a recommendation from the allergy doctor to protect the perimeter of his home by using RESCUE! Yellowjacket Traps.

Our company president, Rod Schneidmiller, met Greg back in 2001, seemingly by chance, at a junior high basketball game. Upon discovering that Rod owned the company that made the traps, Greg said, "Those traps saved my life!".

Well, maybe we didn't save Greg's life that day, but we did save Greg's outdoor lifestyle and that of his family. Greg, Ann and their kids like to do all the things active families enjoy during the summer -- barbecuing, camping, boating, gardening, etc. Without an effective way to control yellowjackets, Greg's deadly allergy would keep him and the family trapped inside the house.

You can't get a better testimonial than Greg's, and that's why we made it into two TV commercials -- one from Greg's perspective, and the other from Ann's.

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True Value sees the value in WHY

Another retailer with a national presence is on board to carry the WHY Trap for Wasps, Hornets and Yellowjackets:


True Value has added the WHY Trap to their warehouses, so that the thousands of True Value dealers across the country will be able to offer it to their customers. We're looking forward to showing the product to dealers at their Fall Market in Atlanta this October! 

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Video of the Week: Angry Wasps in Afghanistan

The creator of this week's featured video offers this description:

A fallen rock was blocking one of our routes in Afghanstan and EOD decided to blow it up. I set my camera up to film it and after it blew we found out a nest of wasps were under the rock. They were pissed!

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