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How to make an injured Marketing Director's day

Just send us an e-mail like this:

Yjtr_against_blueWow! You all make great products. I bought your yellow jacket trap because my BBQ area is next to a magnolia tree, which has a lot of yellow jackets. I expect that your trap would catch a few yellow jackets. In about an hour, we must have had 10 in there. Within two weeks, I'm sure there's more than 100 in each of the two traps. I've never used an insect trap that works as well as your product. Because it worked so well, I also bought a fly trap. Wow, again. In three weeks, it was nearly solid with dead flys (sic). I'll never use a different brand besides Rescue. Great job on the design and the attractant. You guys (and girls) know your stuff.

Thanks, Mark from San Jose!

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I had been hand picking a few Japanese Beetles off of my lone grape vine. Thought I would try your trap after seeing a report on TV news. WOW!!! One afternoon and the catch bag has beetles 2 inches deep.
Thanks for a great product!

Posted by: Conard Parker | Aug 18, 2008 5:11:08 PM

Why put the trap 20' from known nest.

Posted by: Ken Leppek | Aug 24, 2008 3:37:08 PM

Conard (Conrad?), thank you for your comment about our Japanese Beetle Trap. I'm glad we've given you a better solution than hand-picking the beetles off your plants!

Posted by: Stephanie | Aug 25, 2008 1:17:12 PM

Ken, the reason we say to hang the trap at least 20 feet from a known yellowjacket nest is that the yellowjackets are more inclined to go into the trap when they are foraging, not when they are entering or exiting the nest. They fly at a high rate of speed when they're leaving the nest or coming back, and the lure of the trap can be overshadowed by their "mission".

Posted by: Stephanie | Aug 25, 2008 1:19:57 PM

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