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Video of the week: Yellowjackets check in, but not out

It's all about the body count.

That's the great thing about our insect traps: you get to see the results in the form of a body count -- that is, the number of bugs caught in the trap.

I know of people who like to sit and enjoy a beer on their deck while watching the yellowjacket trap fill up. Then there are the customers who send us photos of their traps with insects inside because they're so impressed at how well it works. We love these people!

Then there are the very ambitious ones, who get 8 minutes of footage of the yellowjacket trap with their video camera, put it to Eagles music, and post it on YouTube... 

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i got stung on my middle finger - verry painful - now it's swolen so i can't close my finger. Wgat can I DO?

Posted by: EDWARD B. CRAIG | Jun 26, 2008 9:38:31 PM

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