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Yellowjackets at the water cooler

Yjtr_against_blueYesterday's 72 degree high was about the only bright spot so far in what has been a dismal and disappointing first few weeks of spring in the Inland Northwest. After such a weekend, the Monday morning water-cooler chat at Sterling International usually centers around sightings of queens -- as in yellowjacket queens.

Sure enough, overheard in our office this morning:

Employee A: "Did you see any queens yesterday?"

Employee B: "I saw two."

Employee A: "Cool. I didn't see any yellowjackets, but I saw four paper wasps."

Yes, here at Sterling we talk in excited, breathless detail about bug sightings. Because bug sightings mean sales of yellowjacket traps. Sometimes, however, it just makes me chuckle to myself.

But I'm not the only one talking about yellowjacket sightings. Just south of Spokane, Michael at Palousitics also posted about the same thing, and advised his readers to set out traps early to catch the yellowjacket queens.

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