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Which came first, the chickens or the flies?

Fly_2 Some residents of Webster County in Kentucky are perturbed about poultry. (BTW, I love the group's name: CAPS, Citizens Against Poultry Smell).

They're trying to link the presence of new chicken farms in the area to an infestation of flies. Seems like a logical conclusion. But the farmers are fighting back and refuting the connection with help from an entomologist:

"Despite several attempts Monday night during a meeting of citizens long opposed to the presence of industrial chicken farms... to connect the recent large influx of flies in and around Clay to the local chicken farm industry, an entomologist from the University of Kentucky repeatedly told the audience no such evidence exists to support that claim."

Apparently there's an influx of houseflies, and they don't feed on poultry carcasses. Guess they have a more refined diet.

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