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Green giveaway

Our gratitude goes out to Mary, who responded yesterday to my query about the importance of environmentally responsible and non-toxic pest control products.

She wrote: "It is extremely important to us that the pest control products we use around our house be environmentally responsible and non-toxic because we have a German Shephard puppy who loves outdoors and is extremely inquisitive. Thank you for creating the RESCUE fly traps! They are great! We tell everyone we know about them! Keep up the great work!"

Rescue_tote_3 I'll be sending Mary a RESCUE! coffee tumbler as promised, and I'm also going to throw in this canvas tote bag to thank her for being a great evangelist for RESCUE! pest control products.

You see, we love comments on our blog, because we created it to be a source of not only information, but also dialogue.

And sometimes it even pays off in free RESCUE! schwag!

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