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Wearin' of the (RESCUE!) green

Yjtr_against_blue_2 As a marketer, I believe a signature color is a big part of a brand identity. IBM for years has been known as "Big Blue". UPS owns the color brown and is asking in their ads, "What can Brown do for you?". Orange can often make one think of Home Depot. McDonald's pairs red with the golden arches. The Susan G. Komen Foundation has made pink a huge part of the breast cancer awareness movement.

For our 25th anniversary, we worked with our longtime graphic design firm, Sigma, to update the RESCUE! logo. With their help, we adopted a bright shade of green as our signature color. The choice was a natural one, as our flagship product -- the RESCUE! Yellowjacket Trap -- is known for its striking neon green transparent hue. Using this color (Pantone 381c/388u) throughout our packaging and marketing materials has unified the look of everything RESCUE!. It's such an unusual color that it jumps out at you when you see it, and we love it so much that we've been on the hunt for anything "electric green", as we like to call it.

When I want to check to see if the green is 'our' green, I get out my business card, which is flood-coated on the back. Here it is compared to the trap:


I bought these bins for my office because they were a close match:


Found this tumbler at Target and bought a bunch for the lunchroom. The pen is a new logo item as a giveaway for our trade shows:


Nothing says loyalty to your brand like wearing the signature color on your feet. Here's what I found on the back of a recent J. Crew catalog... it's pretty close:


I didn't buy this Key Lime cheesecake at Costco, but was sure tempted to:


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