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Catching flies in New Zealand

We may have a two-foot blanket of snow here at RESCUE! headquarters in the Pacific Northwest, but we're still catching insects in other parts of the world. A customer in Auckland, New Zealand was so impressed with our disposable fly trap that he e-mailed us to share some photos he took after it had been up for two weeks. 



Thanks, Brendan!

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Hey, Brendan!
Time to throw that trap away and buy a new one (or two)!

Posted by: topdog | Jan 31, 2008 4:05:33 PM

Dear Friends:

I would be much obliged to know what can be done to reduce the burgeoning pine beetle population in my log home. We built the home three years ago, and it has no structural errors. However, somehow these clever pests are making their way into my home.

Please let me know if you all have any products available that could help. Thank you in advance and kudos on the web site! It looks great!


Heidi Duty

Posted by: Heidi Duty | Mar 8, 2008 8:00:14 AM

Heidi, thanks for contacting us. Our R&D department has a number of projects in the hopper right now, but unfortunately a product for the pine beetle is not one of them. I have heard much news about how this insect is a threat to forests in the Northwest and Rocky Mountain States. I read recently that some builders are actually using the wood from trees felled by pine beetles to construct new log homes! Our recommendation is to contact your County Extension Agent for any advice, but perhaps you can hit the blogs for any other suggestions on dealing with this problem. Good luck!

Posted by: Stephanie | Mar 10, 2008 12:05:30 PM

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