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Catching queens in Colorado

Yellowjacket queens are flying in Denver, looking for new nest sites. Lakewood, CO resident Carol King has written an article about the yellowjacket life cycle and how you can thwart it with our RESCUE! Yellowjacket Trap.

Thanks, Carol! I couldn't have said it better myself.

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National Hardware Show, Day 2

We mixed things up a bit today to keep it interesting for the Hardware Show attendees. There is so much to see at this venue that those walking the aisles often do so at a good clip unless something catches their eye. It's not really an order-writing show but rather an awareness-generating show. So we wanted to catch eyes and generate awareness of the science behind our products. RESCUE! has a R&D team of seven scientists who study the insects intensively to develop attractants for them. We have a 4200-square-foot insect research laboratory with specialized instrumentation that lets us "interview" the insects, so to speak, and learn what scents trigger a reaction. It's unique for a company of our size and really sets us apart from the competition. It's what makes us "smarter".

So the three of us wore lab coats in the booth today. Our names and "titles" were embroidered on the front: Alyssa and I were "Marketing Masterminds", and Jim was the "Sales Genius". We got a lot of smiles and double-takes, and in many instances it caused people to linger long enough for us to tell our story.

Things got even more interesting in the middle of the afternoon, when we brought out the "test tube shots". No, they weren't alcoholic -- we had lemon-lime Kool-Aid in one set of test tubes and apple juice in the other set. But it generated interest and again gave us the opportunity to say what sets us apart. The significance of the apple juice is that some competitive products use it as bait for their traps, but this has the downside of luring honeybees -- which is not a good thing right now since it's all over the news that their numbers are declining. We've always made our traps to lure only the targeted insect and not any beneficial bugs.

Oh, and the significance of the lemon-lime Kool-Aid is that it is very close to the new "electric" green color of our logo.

Here's Alyssa and me with our test tubes:


And here are some pics of the good sports who gamely tried our "shots":

Img_0501_2 Img_0502

Img_0503 Img_0505

Img_0506 Img_0512_2 

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Hardware Show 2007/Day 1


We're finished with Day 1 of the National Hardware Show 2007. We talked to a number of buyers, saw our sales reps and made some good contacts with some members of the press.

Our new, colorful booth display featuring the updated RESCUE! logo was a big hit. Thanks, Sigma Design! Also a hit: Our coordinated black and electric green outfits. Yeah, we looked sharp!

Here's another view of our booth:


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Heading to the National Hardware Show

The light lack of blogging recently can be attributed to the whirlwind of activity leading up to the National Hardware Show, which begins tomorrow in Orlando. I'm in the Denver airport waiting for my flight. My colleagues Jim and Alyssa will join me in our booth. We plan to introduce as many people as we can to RESCUE! and make contact with others who are already carrying RESCUE! products.

This is a fun photo we did for a postcard which was mailed to show attendees late last month. It depicts the three of us as "mad scientists" and previews some fun ways we plan to get noticed. The show is huge, so you have to get creative!


I hope to blog from the show with updates later this week.

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