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Why so many wasps?

A mild winter and dry spring and summer equal prime conditions for wasp and yellowjacket numbers to grow. Melbourne, Australia is experiencing large numbers of wasps this year as they head into fall.

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Prosecution uses paper wasp theory

Prosecutors in a murder trial in Bakersfield, CA are using bugs to prove their case against Vincent Brothers, who is accused of killing his own family.

Bugspeci A bug expert from UC Davis examined the grill of the car Brothers rented in Ohio. She pointed to the presence of paper wasps and other bugs on the grill as evidence that Brothers drove the car cross-country to California. According to her, the bug species she collected from the car can only be found in the western U.S.

His defense is claiming Brothers did not have time to drive from Ohio to California to commit the murders.

Will the bugs implicate Brothers? Follow the story here and here.

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