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Giant hornets in Europe

Vespa_mandariniaThe Asian Hornet has hit France and could be heading to Britain.

From the article:

"Swarms of giant hornets renowned for their vicious stings and skill at massacring honeybees have settled in France."

Their bite "has been compared to a hot nail entering the body."

Asian hornets are over an inch long, with a wingspan of three inches. The queens are over two inches in length.

Anyone freaking out yet?

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I can hear the buzzing now

We at RESCUE! love a warm spring, and it's not just because we're sick of the snow and the cold in the Northwest. A warm spring means yellowjackets come out of hibernation sooner and the queens start to build their nests for this year.

So we love to see news like this: that March should be warmer than normal in much of the U.S.

And that means you'll want to make sure you get one of these:


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Wasps: Deadlier than sharks

According to this article, more people in Australia die from bee and wasp stings than from shark attacks.

"But while the fear of an attack by a Great White may keep some people safely on the sand, figures released by the Medical Journal of Australia show that dog attacks, lightning strikes and bee or wasp stings are more likely to be fatal."

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Wasps as a weapon

Waspwoman You know what they say about a woman scorned... First the news about the astronaut Lisa Nowak arrested in Florida, and now this: A California woman has been arrested for using wasps to try to kill her ex-husband.

Apparently the woman's ex is allergic to wasps, and in December someone planted a grape soda can filled with wasps in the man's pickup. When he turned on the heater, the wasps flew out, nearly causing him to crash his truck.

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