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Bomb-sniffing bees

Bees281106_228x144 "US military defense scientists have found a way to train the common honey bee to smell explosives used in bombs, a skill they say could help protect American troops abroad."

Read more here and here.

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Amazing yellowjacket photos

Check out the yellowjacket photos in this November 1 post on the nature photography blog Oregon Wild. It's amazing how he stopped the motion of their wings while they were in flight.

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Three times a lady

The Asian lady beetle continues to be one of the few insects active enough to get press coverage in the Fall.

Here's more about Asian lady beetles in North Carolina. The article recommends attaching a pair of pantyhose to your vacuum hose to collect them and keeping them cool outside until spring if you desire to release them into your yard and actually benefit from their presence.

This article finds more people reporting allergy symptoms as a result of ladybug infestations in their homes.

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Blame it on the wasp

How many times have you had a yellowjacket or a wasp sneak into your car and torment you while you're driving? I've had it happen to me, and it's a distracting experience to keep your eyes on the road while avoiding being stung and trying to open the window to shoo the insect out.

This gentleman in Scotland is trying to get out of a speeding ticket by blaming it on a wasp in his car. It didn't work... he had to pay the fine.

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The bats went down to Georgia

1_61_110206_battown2 Some beautiful historic homes in Americus, Georgia have been overrun by bats. Thankfully, many homeowners are finding relief by calling the resident Batman in town.

I learned while reading this article that bats are a protected species in Georgia and it's against the law to kill them. So if I had been living in Georgia and found four bats in my house on four separate occasions like I did last summer, I could have faced up to four years in jail and a $4000 fine. Insane.

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Ladybugs invade North Carolina

Two news stories out of North Carolina are chiming in with reports of Asian ladybug infestations.

Boone, NC, The Mountain Times: Invasion of the ladybugs

Asheville, NC, Citizen-Times: Fall brings Asian lady beetles seeking home for the winter

Both articles advocate the precaution of sealing possible entry points into the house. Once inside, however, the only recourse seems to be vacuuming them up, and disposing of the vacuum bag as quickly as possible. Bug-bombing or spraying is not recommended.

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