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Beetles invade Utah

They're heading further West.

Japanese Beetles, long a pest of the Northeastern U.S., are being found further and further toward the West Coast. Agricultural officials are concerned, and for good reason.

Japanese Beetles are not a threat to human health -- they don't bite or sting. But they have a serious economic impact.

Says Clint Burfitt, Utah Dept. of Agriculture: "This is a serious economic pest and its a federally quarantined pest. It has over 300 species of plants as a host, and in large populations, it can destroy all of your lawn and most of your perennials."

So far, the numbers are relatively low.

For more on the Japanese Beetle sightings in Utah, read this report from ksl-tv, this report from kutv, this article from the Deseret News, this article from the front page of the Daily Herald in Central Utah, and this article from the Tooele Transcript-Bulletin.

Here's a graphic that was printed in the Deseret Morning News:


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Wow, all the way in UTAH?! I like on the east coast and they have taken out a good many of my perennials in the past. I know that thyme is often planted in the garden to deter beetles, I've yet to find out if it works against the Japanese beetles.

Posted by: Elaine.S. | Jan 18, 2007 10:58:21 AM

I would like to comment on your remark that Japanese Beetles do not sting. I was watering my flowers, felt a small sting burning more and more, looked down at my ring finger, and there was a Japanese Beetle sucking on it. 3 days later, I still have a small red bump that itches. When it stung me, it felt just like a bee sting. Yesterday, another beetle stung me in the same place but on the finger next to it! JAPANESE BEETLES DO STING AND THEY ARE AGRESSIVE...Anyone around here will tell you they get on your skin, in your hair, up under your clothes...they are very obnoxious!

Posted by: Kate | Jun 15, 2007 6:38:00 AM

Everything we know about Japanese Beetles indicates that they do not bite or sting, but you obviously experienced a different side of them! Thanks for making us aware. All the more reason to fight back against them with a trap!

Posted by: Stephanie | Jun 15, 2007 11:32:32 AM

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