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No pest news is good pest news

By this time last year, I had posted twice about my own pest horror stories involving bats... not in my belfry, but in the living space of my house -- which was much too close for comfort.

So far this year, I can knock on all the old wood I plan to refinish in my 1908 bungalow and say that I have not seen a single bat -- nor any evidence thereof.

As a matter of fact, in our neck of the woods it's been a slow year for pests. With a wet spring and cold June weather, the yellowjackets have not become established as they usually do when it's dry and warm. Usually in May I would find a few sleepy yellowjacket queens waking up in my house and looking for the nearest exit to get out and get busy on their nest-building. But all I've seen in my living room have been several fat, fuzzy bumblebees -- which were easily scooped up and set free outside.

The only other sighting has been a couple of slimy slugs in my basement. These are disgusting enough when you see them outside in your garden, but the ick factor of finding them inside is tenfold. I suppose the dampness attracted them. They're easily taken care of, however. Their slow movement makes it simple to go upstairs to the kitchen and return with the salt shaker.

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