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Largest yellowjacket nest ever?

Yj_nest_2 Several news stories from the past week feature dwellings vying for the title of "largest yellowjacket nest ever".

This one was in Eatonville, Florida. The aerial nest wrapped around a palm tree was estimated to contain over 4,000 yellowjackets.

In Lee County, Georgia, this nest, found Tuesday in an abandoned house, was the largest one county code enforcement officers had ever seen.

Until this. On Wednesday, officers in nearby Sumter County, Georgia found a nest containing an estimated 100,000 yellowjackets in -- get this -- the cab of a truck!

Because of mild winters and no hard freeze to kill the colonies off, yellowjacket nests can grow exponentially like this in the South. Some will have multiple queens, which contributes to the exponential growth.

So can anyone top a nest with 100,000 yellowjackets? We're not very far into the summer, so there's plenty of time for the colonies to grow. I shudder to think of stumbling upon a nest like that.

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