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An Easter weekend of food and community service

Last week the employees of Sterling, along with our families, honored Good Friday as we do every year -- with a potluck lunch. With some amazing cooks and bakers in our ranks, it was a delicious spread.


The only space where we could fit everyone, plus all the food, was out in our warehouse. You can see the product displays of yellowjacket traps surrounding the tables.


Then on Saturday it was the annual "Unveil the Trail" day for those associated with the Centennial Trail. This paved walking/biking/running trail runs along the Spokane River and spans 37 miles in Eastern Washington and 23 miles in Idaho. A few years ago, our company adopted mile 28 west of Spokane.

Ten of our employees and some family members braved a chilly morning of rain and sleet to clean up the area around our mile of the trail.


There wasn't a great deal of trash, so some used rakes to gather up the pine needles, as our company president Rod is doing below.


Vladimir, Oana, Doreen and Jeff take a break from looking for cigarette butts.


Lattes at the Rocket Bakery hit the spot after coming in from the cold.


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Managing pests responsibly

When the bugs arrive in your yard and garden -- and they will -- will your strategy be to nuke the daylights out of them with pesticides, or to take a more measured approach that saves the beneficial insects?

Not surprisingly, this article in the Broomfield (Colorado) Enterprise and this column in the Cleveland Plain Dealer advocate the latter.

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Cool eye for the house fly

The Encarta encyclopedia's entry about the fly states that:

The compound eyes of flies are large and are composed of thousands of individual lenses, up to 4,000 in the case of the house fly.

So I don't know that the eyeglasses in this photo are really necessary or helpful to this housefly. But they are cool.


This is an actual photo of a housefly with a teeny-tiny pair of "designer" lenses crafted with a cutting-edge laser technique.

Apparently, no one's actually planning to market the fly eyewear... this was created as an entry in a German science photo competition.

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