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Trap some flies, eat a meal

In a recent online search, I was surprised to find a restaurant in San Francisco that shares a name with one of our best-selling products.

Our RESCUE! Fly Trap is a popular and effective device for capturing flies outdoors.

Untitled220copy Although I have never eaten there, the Fly Trap Restaurant is in the heart of San Francisco and sounds like a good, classic place to have a meal of steak, seafood or pasta. The eatery was established in 1906 and -- judging from the photos -- appears to offer a warm, classy atmosphere with antique furnishings and white linen tablecloths.

What I wanted to know is, what's with the name? I'd be a little hesitant to eat at a place named for a device that catches a pest insect -- an insect which is most unpleasant to have around food. Luckily, their web site answers this question:

"It was back in the days of the Spanish-American War... Proprietor Louis Besozzi placed good food on his tables to attract the customers and a square of flypaper on each table to attract the flies. The presence of the flypaper prompted the G.I.s of 1898 to call the place the 'fly trap'. This uncomplimentary title so enraged Uncle Louie that he finally quit the restaurant business and returned to Italy."

Cousin Henry took over the restaurant after Louie's little tantrum. He actually loved the name, and so it stuck... like flies on flypaper, I guess.

The next time I'm in San Fran, I will have to check out this restaurant.

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