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Wasps as weapon in the war on terror?

Who knew you could train a wasp to do the job that bomb-sniffing dogs now do?

Bilde_1 Scientists at a Georgia laboratory have figured out a way to train wasps to identify explosives and other dangerous chemicals terrorists may use. Five of these tiny, non-stinging wasps are placed in a vented plastic cylinder called a "Wasp Hound". When they smell an odor they've been trained to detect, they gather by the vent.

More stories about the "Wasp Hound" device can be found here, here and here.

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Flies get their own movie buzz

Fly_7 Is Hollywood fascinated with insects? Apparently some filmmakers think bugs are great entertainment. Add another movie to the list of bug features that includes Antz, A Bug's Life and Bee Movie (coming in 2007). Fly Me to the Moon is about three young houseflies that stow away on the Apollo 11 flight to the moon.

And, I'm not making this up... retired astronaut Buzz Aldrin will make an appearance as himself.

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