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More reasons 'why' for the fly

I've quoted poet and humorist Ogden Nash before on this blog. He once wrote:

"The Lord in His wisdom made the fly, and then forgot to tell us why."

But scientists continue to discover some very good reasons why. According to this article, scientists at Indiana University run genetic research experiments using fruit flies as stand-ins for people.

"We can do things to flies that we would never ethically do on humans," said the co-director of the center where they stock the fruit flies.
Good thing. One of their discoveries in 1978 led to a mutation that caused the flies' legs to grow out of their heads.

Bilde Amazingly enough, scientists at both IU and Princeton University are using these tiny flies -- they're about the same size as a grain of rice -- to study many diseases and biological processes, such as cancer, drug addiction, Huntington's disease, Parkinson's disease, embryonic development and memory enhancement.

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