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Baffled by the bats

Had an interesting morning earlier this week. I got up at 5 and when I went downstairs, found A DEAD BAT ON MY LIVING ROOM FLOOR!

I was standing by my dining room table when I saw it. At first, I thought it was a clump of my cat Cosette's fur. (She pulls clumps of it out when she grooms herself.) But this was too big to be just fur. My other cat, Heathcliff, started moving towards it and I screamed at him. It was too early to get the neighbors, and I wasn't about to touch the thing myself, so I locked the cats in the bathroom and went outside for my run. When I got back, next-door neighbors Dale and Rhonda were up. Dale pulled on his work gloves for a fourth time and got the bat out of the house and into a box.

This is bat number four, for those who are keeping track.

Matt from Skunkworks and I had been certain we had figured out where they were getting in the main part of the house: a short doorway to an attic crawlspace at the top of the stairs. I had stuffed a towel under there to seal it off. But the towel was undisturbed. There apparently was another way the bats got into the main part of the house. But how, and where?

He came back to the house that night and looked around again inside with a flashlight, hunting for any crevice that may have provided bat entry. But the search provided no answers. He is as baffled as I am. It's not very comforting.

As if that weren't strange enough, my friend Kevin told me that someone at work found a dead bat on the floor of their break room the very same day!

Very creepy. Very unsettling.

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The Fourth Bat? You better start looking in the basement for the coffin - I think you found a family of vampires.

Better hang some garlic.

Posted by: Steve Merryman | Aug 16, 2005 2:51:01 PM

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