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Will yellowjackets bounce away?

Bounce I'm not sure where the rumor first started about Bounce dryer sheets repelling mosquitoes, but the folks at snopes.com (the best site, IMHO, for checking on the validity of forwarded e-mail stories and other urban legends) have disproven this one, along with some other supposed uses for Bounce.

I was thinking about the rumor because I just read a blog that mentions Bounce can also be used to repel yellowjackets.

The Bounce site lists many tips for using the sheets around the house, but it doesn't say anything about repelling bugs. I asked our head entomologist here, and he said it's highly unlikely that yellowjackets would be repelled by the scent... they may actually be attracted to the perfume-y smell.

The only true way to test Bounce as a bug repellent is to attract the insects, then see if the Bounce sheet drives them away. We've got the attracting part down, with our product to lure yellowjackets into the RESCUE! trap. Perhaps I can convince our R&D department to tackle this question as snopes.com did with the mosquito rumor.

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