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Waiting for "Batman" to come back

Batman_logo_2 Some readers have asked for an update on my bat situation. I don't have anything new to share, other than I'm waiting for our local "Batman" (the bat removal guy) to return for the outside inspection of the house (which is performed at dusk to see if any fly out at that time). It has been nearly three weeks since the inside inspection, and although I haven't seen or heard any bat activity, I am getting impatient -- especially since I paid for the entire job up front on July 1 and I can't seem to get a straight answer on when the outside inspection can be completed.

Sorry -- I'm a little on edge after reading this story.

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could you please tell me if you sell replacement parts I just bought the japenese beetle trap and its great i cant belive it realy works im so happy ive talked all my family and friends to buy it when the lure runs out can you just buy that or do you have to buy the whole thing thank you lorraine haskell

Posted by: lorraine haskell | Jul 17, 2005 5:37:15 PM

The RESCUE! Japanese Beetle Trap is intended to be a one-time use trap, therefore we sell no replacement parts for it. We are glad to hear it has worked well for you. Thank you for writing.

Posted by: Stephanie | Jul 18, 2005 3:53:35 PM

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