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Japanese beetles: Palisade, CO "gets it"

The town of Palisade, in western Colorado near Grand Junction, has begun their third year of mass trapping efforts to rid the area of the Japanese beetle. As part of the Colorado Department of Agriculture's Japanese Beetle Eradication Program, all landowners in Palisade are given Japanese beetle traps by the Colorado State University Cooperative Extension free of charge to place in their yard.

Orchards are a growing industry in Palisade, with the region producing produce grapes, apples, peaches, cherries and plums. Adult Japanese beetles have threatened the health of these orchards by chewing leaves between the veins, causing a 'skeletonized' effect.

Japanese beetles are also a great regulatory concern, so the state wants to ensure that shipments of its nursery goods to any other states are not restricted because of the Japanese beetle infestation.

Kudos to the town of Palisade and the CSU Extension for realizing that, as mentioned in my last post, mass trapping is an effective means of eradicating the Japanese beetle.

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