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Kids' questions about bugs, pt. 1

We are compiling kids' questions about bugs for a new project. These questions are from second graders at Valley Christian School in Spokane Valley, Washington. Once we got them talking, there was no shortage of curiosity from these kids. Here's a sampling:

  • How do bugs talk to each other?
  • How do they climb upside down and hang on?
  • How do they fly? How do their wings open?
  • Do they have tongues? Noses? Senses?
  • Why do lady bugs have spots?
  • How big can bugs get?
  • How do they make nests? Cocoons?
  • How long can they survive without food?
  • How do spiders walk on webs? How do they make webs?

Good questions... I'm just glad I don't have to answer them all! When our project concludes, all these and more questions will be answered, and we'll let you know where to go for our bug expert's responses.

Got any more bug-related questions from kids ages 7-13? Feel free to post them here. We may use them for our project.

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