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Yellowjacket music

Weabest_3 The CD player that spun our hold music has died. While we are having it replaced, this presents an excellent opportunity to freshen that hold music. For the past 9 years or so, we have been alternating between an old David Sanborn CD and a saxophone compilation of 80s and 90s Christian contemporary hits.

We wanted to stay in the jazz vein, and with a little thought came up with the perfect group: The Yellowjackets! I have known about this jazz quartet since the late eighties, and when I started working here and creating our web site, I had "domain name envy." (Their web address is www.yellowjackets.com. We make a yellowjacket trap.)

Timesquared_1 I ordered two Yellowjacket CDs ("Best of the Yellowjackets" and "Time Squared") from Amazon.com.

Commontime In my Amazon search, I also came across the University of Rochester Yellowjackets, a 14-member all-male a cappella group. I was intrigued, so I placed an order to have Amazon notify me if a used copy becomes available (I couldn't find any copies available now, either new or used).

We try not to keep people on hold for too long (and we're one of few companies who actually have a live person answering the phone during business hours), but when it does happen, we hope callers will find this music pleasing.

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You should have someone do a voice-over letting people on hold know who they are listening to.

Posted by: Steve | Mar 10, 2005 9:18:56 AM

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