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Rebecca's Garden

I've always enjoyed the TV program Rebecca's Garden. The host, Rebecca Kolls, seems like such a likable, accessible, real person -- like a friendly neighbor with whom you could have coffee or work on a craft project. I feel like I could actually make the recipes, do the projects, use the garden tips she demonstrates on the air.

In addition to her show's web site, Rebecca has her own personal site, www.rebeccakolls.com, where she blogs and shares photos of her garden at home. I love that she even shows photos where she made mistakes, like when she accidentally got grass killer on the bottom of her shoes and ended up with unwanted dead spots on her lawn. In one blog entry she admits that "Even I can be a loser gardener." (Somehow I can't imagine Martha Stewart ever saying that!)

Smartrap_outdoors_horizontalWe also like Rebecca because she features and sells one of our products, the SMARTrap for Garden Pests, on her personal site as one of her "hand-picked favorites."

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