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More yellowjackets in the news

Here's a roundup of yellowjacket news stories gathered pre-Labor Day weekend. They are coming in on an almost daily basis. There may be more stories to post after Labor Day, and I hope I don't have one of my own. I've been stung several times on various Labor Days within the past 10 years.

Connecticut: Schoolchildren attacked by yellowjackets

Michigan: An underground yellowjacket nest, gasoline and a lit match spell trouble. (Grandpa, what were you thinking?) Also, here's a column on Living with bees, wasps and hornets.

Georgia: Some middle school students were stung at a cross-country event.

Minnesota: A spike in the yellowjacket population

Nebraska: Pesky yellowjackets offer summertime blues

Montana: The year of the yellowjacket

Canada: Paper wasps and yellowjackets compared

North Carolina: Woman disturbs yellowjacket nest while doing yard work

Alaska: Yellowjackets worst in several years

California: Know your enemy -- yellowjackets

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